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In a distant animal kingdom, there are

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:56 pm    Post subject: In a distant animal kingdom, there are Reply with quote

In a distant animal kingdom, there are many animals of all sizes, large and small. It is sunny, with birds and flowers and lush trees. Animals live a leisurely and comfortable life here.imals are proliferating and living here. The population is expanding and the food is getting less and less, and it is almost winter Cheap Cigarettes. It is necessary to prepare food for the winter. The king looked in his eyes and was in his heart. He immediately summoned all the princes and ministers into the palace to work with him to find a solution, and for a long time, finally came up with a good idea. He told all the princes to go to the winter food.he next morning, the little hedgehog and the little goat were assigned to a group Marlboro Cigarettes Price, and they embarked on a journey to find winter food.ey looked for it, found it for a long time and didn't find it. It was too tired to find it. Then they sat under the big tree and rested breathlessly. Suddenly, a thing slammed on the head of the little goat. They looked up. Look: Wow, the tree is crowded with big red apples. It turned out to be an apple forest. There are many red and big apples on the tree. The little goat thought: "Isn't this the winter food I am looking for? The king is still looking forward to bringing us winter food back!"a result, the little goat hurriedly slammed into the apple tree, and the apples fell like raindrops, smashing and falling.e little hedgehog looked at the delicious apple and was thrown into this way. He was so anxious that he couldn��t help but eat it now. Don��t even take it back and store it for the winter. The little hedgehog wants to worry more and more, then he said to the little goat. "Well, I climbed the tree to pick it up. How about you pick it up?" The little goat agreed quickly. So, the little thorns climbed the tree arrogantly, took off the apple, and threw it to the little goat. The little goat caught it, intact, and did not catch it, and fell smashed! After a while, only a small pile of apples, the two felt that the efficiency was too low, and they had to find another way. They discussed and discussed Cigarette Tobacco For Sale... and finally came up with a wonderful solution. little goat and the little hedgehog rushed to find a lot of tree vines, and made the tree vines into a huge spider web, hanging around the big trees, confirming that the net was firm, the little goat once again slammed into the big tree, this time all the apples Falling into the cobweb intact, they gathered the cobwebs, carefully took out the apples one by one, and placed them in the basket of vines woven with trees and vines Cigarettes Cheaper.. little goat and the little hedgehog rushed back to the king to tell the king about the ins and outs of the matter, let the king send the animals to the apple tree and bring the apple back. The king was very happy Carton Of Marlboro Reds, and quickly let the animals move the apples and reward them. Little goat and little hedgehog!
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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